Hatorite® RDS

    Lithium Magnesium Sodium Silicate (Hatorite® RDS)

    The Clear Leader



    Hatorite® RDS is a synthetic layered silicate incorporating an inorganic polyphosphate peetiser. It hydrates and swells in water to give clear and colourless colloidal dispersions of low viscosity known as sols. At 10% concentration in water, these will remain free flowing for 24 hours. On addition of small quantities of electrolyte, highly thixotropic gels are formed rapidly.



    Hatorite® RDS may be utilized as a pre-dispersed liquid concentrate and added to formulations at any point during manufacture. It is used to impart a shear sensitive structure to a wide range of waterborne formulations including household and industrial surface coatings, cleansers, agrochemical and horticultural products.HATORITTE RDS may be coated onto paper or other surfaces from concentrated soles to give smooth, coherent, and electrically conductive films.


    Typical Characteristic


    Free flowing white powder

    Bulk Density

    1000 kg/m3

    Surface Area (BET)

    330 m2/g

    pH (2% suspension)



     General Specifications

    Sol Stability

    Fluid after 24 hours 

    Sieve Analysis

    2% Max >250 microns

    Free Moisture

    10% Max

    Specifications can be agreed to meet individual requirements.



    Hatorite® RDS is hygroscopic and should be stored under dry condition.



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