Hatorite® S482

    Hatorite® S482


    Lithium Magnesium Sodium Silicate

    (Hatorite® S482)

    The Clear Leader


    Special Features and Benefits


    Hatorite® S482 is a synthetic layered silicate modified with a dispersing agent. It hydrates and swells in water to give translucent and colourless colloidal liquid dispersions known as sols. At 20% solids concentration in water, these will remain free flowing for up to 20 months. On addition of small quantities of electrolyte highly thixotropic gels are formed rapidly.



    Water-in-water Multi-color Paint

    Emulsion Water Based Paint

    Wood Coating

    Industrial Coating



    Ceramic frits / glazes / slips

    Grinding pastes and abrasives

    Silicon resin based external paints

    Artist paints / finger paints


    Recommended Use

    Hatorite® S482 may be utilised as a predispersed liquid concentrate and added to formulations at any point during manufacture. It is used to impart a shear sensitive structure to a wide range of waterborne formulations including industrial surface coatings, household cleaners, agrochemical products and ceramic . Hatorite® S482 dispersions may be coated onto paper or other surfaces to give smooth, coherent, and electrically conductive films.


    Aqueous dispersions of this grade will remain as stable liquids for very long periods of time. Recommended for use in highly filled surface coatings that have low levels of free water. Also for use in non-rheology applications, such as electrically conductive and barrier films.


    Typical Properties

    The values indicated in this data sheet describe typical properties and do not constitute specification limits.



    Free flowing white powder

    Bulk Density

    1000 kg/m3

    Specific density


    Surface Area (BET)

    370 m2/g

    pH (2% suspension)


    Free Moisture

    10% Max

    Specifications can be agreed to meet individual requirements.


    Incorporation and Processing Instructions

    To prepare a dispersion of Hatorite® S482 at 20 to 25 % solids content in water:

    Add the Hatorite powder to water with rapid stirring; continue mixing at high speed. After a few minutes the viscosity of the pre-mix will begin to rise rapidly. At this time, turn off the stirrer and leave the dispersion to age for up to one hour. During this period of time the viscosity of the mixture will begin to fall. Turn on the stirrer and continue mixing until the pre-mix is a smooth homogenous liquid. High shear mixing is not required to make a dispersion of Hatorite® S482.


    PH Stability of Hatorite S482 Pregel

    Pregels in water are stable from neutral and across the alkaline pH range. The optimum efficiency is obtained between pH 9 and 12. An adjustment of the pH quite often is not necessary, because Hatorite S482 as supplied is sufficiently alkaline. In the acidic area Hatorite S482 is not stable.



    Storage Hatorite products are hygroscopic and should be stored under dry conditions.



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